Danielle Morris, Design Thinker. Client work from Scrollmotion, interactive design.

At Scrollmotion, I learned and distilled complex content from our clients to create a custom interactive experience for iPads.
These interactive tools empower their employees to present their company story and/or product(s) in an
engaging and effective way that leads to more knowledgeable customers.

Client: Apple
Role: Lead Designer

Showcase is a sales enablement tool that helps Apple's channel partners find business solutions for their customers by showcasing Apple Mobility Partners and Apple Business Transformation Series Episodes. We have worked with the Worldwide Enterprise team for the past two years building this app from the ground up as well as providing insight and feedback as content strategists and experts.

Client: Cardinal Health
Role: Lead Designer

Cardinal wanted to provide their sales reps with an interactive tool that would allow them to mimic the immersive experience of physically being in a Cath Lab with their products but in a mobile format for those customers who can't visit their demo room. The process to completion included helping them to organize their content during whiteboarding sessions and working with an illustrator to create 3D renderings of each unique space.

Client: Mercer
Role: Lead Designer

Mercer needed a more digestible, visual, and interactive way to explain Endowment and Foundation model portfolios. Through a series of meetings and whiteboarding sessions we worked to understand this complicated subject matter and the many tabs of the dense Excel sheet that was currently in use to explain the concepts in order to provide them with an innovative solution for their team.

Client: Dow Water & Process Solutions
Role: Lead Designer

Dow came to us with a collection of PDFs, PowerPoints, and videos about one of their new products; looking for a more interactive and concise way for their sales reps to present the content. We created the first fully functional version of their interactive experience in just a few days using the Scrollmotion Enterprise Platform. 


Feel free to reach out to see these interactive experiences, and others, in action.